Master Gel

Master Gel is the result of a long search for the perfect method of extending and modeling nails. The elastic and moldable mass combines the best features of acrylic and gel, making the designs made with Master Gel extremely durable, and at the same time flexible and very light to wear. The Master Gel system consists of several products: a base, tubes with 6 mass colors, a top, liquid, brush & spatula and a tube key. It is a light cured product, so a UV or LED lamp is necessary

For Who ?

Master Gel is most commonly used for nail extensions, as an alternative to gel and acrylic. As it is compatible with other products (gel, acrylic), it can be used to refill designs made with those
products. It can also be mixed with pigments and used for 3D decorations. It is recommended for reconstruction of the plate during pedicures, as well as for people who bite their nails. Thanks to its flexibility, it works with the nail bed and natural plate, allowing it to regrow and rebuild..

Benefits of the Master Gel system

The consistency of Master Gel can be compared to soft plasticine. The thick mass is extremely easy to model. In contrast to gel, it does not flow, does not flood the cuticles, does not have self-leveling properties, and so gives the stylist full control over each movement during application.  Just like in acrylic styling, the product is modeled on the nail plate with a brush dipped in liquid. Anyone who has ever worked with acrylic knows that the biggest drawback of this method is the need to use a liquid with a very irritating and unpleasant odor. The Master Gel system has eliminated that problem, as the liquid has a very pleasant lime scent. The most important feature that proves the superiority of Master Gel over acrylic is that Master Gel does not freeze or harden during work. The mass stays elastic until it is cured in a UV/LED lamp. This means that the time of working with Master Gel is unlimited, the nail tech does not have to hurry to get the perfect nail shape and length. The sensation accompanying curing in a lamp is slight burning. With weak and delicate nails, it may be described as stronger burning. The uniqueness of Master Gel lies in the fact that the risk of burning in the lamp is minimized.

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