Master Gel is a product designed for professional nail extension and modeling. It was created as a result of the combination of two nail extension and modeling methods: acrylic and gel. The unique formula combines the advantages of both techniques, while eliminating their drawbacks. The product is a dense, elastic mass with the consistency of soft plasticine.

Master Gel is recommended for extending nails on a form, reconstruction of damaged nail plates, strengthening of natural nails, natural manicures and structural French designs. It is also perfect for making 3D decorations.

Yes. The Master Gel application is extremely easy, even beginner stylists can handle it. The consistency of the product is similar to soft plasticine, which makes it easy to model. What is important, the mass does not freeze, so you can work at your own pace, without the need to hurry, until you get the perfect effect.

Yes. Thanks to the unique properties of Master Gel, you can work on four nails simultaneously. It is also faster to file and shape, as you can achieve the perfect shape very quickly.

Yes. In the case of Master Gel, we can desribe the ready design as an effect of natural nails – it is light and doesn’t feel heavy on the nails.

Master Gel is a product with a high security index. It is recommended for people who have had allergic reactions to gel. The safe composition and almost complete odorlessness of the product makes it nice, pleasant and safe to work with for both the nail tech and the customer.

The Master Gel system includes a special base. Its formula is designed to provide the product with the best adhesion and design durability. The use of a different base may have a negative effect on the quality of the design.

Dip the spatula in the liquid and cut off the required amount of product with the edge of the spatula. Place the product around the nail shaft, marking the apex. To avoid aerating, do not wrap the product around, but carefully press the spatula against the surface of the nail. Soak the brush in liquid and then drain it from the excess liquid. Use a brush to evenly distribute the Master Gel towards the free edge. Model the mass until you get the desired shape.

Getting too much liquid on the brush is one of the most common mistakes made when working with Master Gel. Liquid makes work easier, thanks to it the mass does not stick to the brush. However, it is important to remember that having too much liquid on the brush can cause air to enter the design, problems with proper curing and flooding of the cuticles.

Yes. If during application it turns out that you didn’t take enough product from the tube, you can add the required amount without any problems.

Master Gel can be cured in both LED and UV lamps. Curing time in LED lamps: 30-90 s, in UV lamps  120 s – 240 s – depending on the thickness of the applied mass and the type and power of the lamp.

For Master Gel, 180/240 grit files are recommended.

No. While dust is created during filing, it does not rise, rather it falls. That’s why neither the nail tech, nor the client are at risk of inhaling it.

To completely remove the Master Gel layer from the surface of the nail, a milling machine is necessary. In the case of nail regrowth, you only need to re-fill the design.

Yes. Master Gel can be combined with pigments, hybrid polishes, art gels, Mega Base, Tape Bond.

No. Acrylic is not as flexible as Master Gel, it also has a completely different porosity, so there is a risk that it will chip.

Yes. Master Gel can be used to refill designs made both with gel and acrylic.

Master Gel designs can be refilled with Build Gel or Mega Base.

No. The temperature doesn’t affect the consistency in any way. You can work with Master Gel in any conditions

es. Master Gel gives the possibility of modeling the nail by pressing a tunnel.